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Meet the Leaders at St. James

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Senior Pastor

Reverend April Briant

Invite Committee Chair

Jan Cason

Finance Committee Chair

Russell Williams

Worship & Holiday Altar Guild

Rose Simpson (Chair)

Dianne Collins

Patti Sowash

Worship Committee Chair

Rose Simpson

Carol Williams


Jan Cason

Ray Williams

Board of Trustees

Ray Willliams (Chair, Class of 2021)

Kenneth Gunn (Class of 2021)

Levi Motes (Class of 2022)

Sidney Motes (Class of 2022)

Cyndie Hunt (Class of 2023)

Michael Hunt (Class of 2023)

Carol Craven (Class of 2023)

Administrative Council

Dianne Collins (Chair)

Carol Craven (Treasurer and Church Secretary)

Jan Cason (Financial Secretary)

Sandra Clark (Sunday School Superintendent)

Russ Williams (Lay Leader)

Pastor Parish & Staff Committee

Sandra Clark (Chair)

Russ Williams (Lay Leader)

Kenneth Gunn (Class of 2021)

Patsy Motes (Class of 2021)

Rose Simpson (Class of 2022)

Ray Williams (Class of 2022)

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